Need to Move but Struggling with What to Rent? A Duplex Is the Perfect Option

It can be difficult when you have to relocate and you don't want to cram into an apartment, but you also don't want the burdens that can come with renting a large home. A duplex is a great option when you are trying to find a medium between a house and an apartment, and there are many advantages to choosing this option, like the following.

Cheaper than a House

Renting an entire house can have higher expenses for the tenant when compared to finding a duplex, including the following:

  • Higher monthly rent
  • Larger space with more utility needs and expenses
  • Cost of lawn care or snow removal for a home

A duplex will be a smaller space than a house but will still have more space than most apartments. Lawn care and snow removal should be taken care of, and your utilities should be predictable if you call the utility company and ask to see the costs from the last tenants.

More Privacy

Another advantage to renting a duplex instead of an apartment is privacy. In an apartment complex, you could have people above, below, and on both sides of you. With a duplex, you will only share one side of your dwelling with the duplex attached to it. This means fewer neighbors, less noise, and more privacy.

Yard Space

Yard space is something that many people have to sacrifice when they move into an apartment building, but with a duplex, you have a higher chance of having a yard space. It doesn't matter if you need a yard for a pet, kids, or just because you want to have some type of outdoor space, when browsing the listings make sure that you find one with the yard you need.

Garage and Storage

If you live in an area with snowy or wet weather, or you like the safety of parking in a garage, this is an option you will be more likely to get with a duplex. Not only can you get an attached garage for parking, but also storage around the garage or around the duplex.

Duplexes are also often put in subdivisions and housing areas, so you may find yourself in an area where it is easy to take walks, meet neighbors, and more. Finding the right housing option when moving to a new area can be difficult, but if you can't choose between a house or an apartment, a duplex is a great in-between option.

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