House Rental Tips For Roommates

The difference between living in a house and an apartment is huge when it comes to the level of privacy. For instance, a neighbor is more likely to hear what is going on inside your home when living in an apartment, as their walls are attached to yours. As a college student living with roommates, it is expected to get loud in the house from time to time, which is why renting a house is the most ideal for such a living situation. If you are looking to rent a home for college that will be shared with roommates, it should be done in a thoughtful manner. You want to make sure everyone will be comfortable in their private bedrooms and the common areas of the house and all legal aspects are covered.

A House with Several Bathrooms

An important thing to think carefully about when finding a rental home to share with roommates is the number of bathrooms that it has. The reason why is because there is no guarantee that everyone will keep the bathroom clean, which can cause discomfort for some roommates. If there is a private bathroom in all or most of the bedrooms, everyone can use their own and maintain the cleanliness how they desire to do so. If you can't find a rental home that has bathrooms in all of the bedrooms, the dirtiest roommate should get a bedroom that has a bathroom. The hallway bathroom will then have a chance of staying cleaner, which is more inviting for guests when they come over to visit.

Signing a Rental Lease Agreement

When you find a house to rent, a lease agreement will have to be signed that the owner of the property will provide. If you intend to have roommates, it isn't wise to sign the agreement on your own. You should basically ensure that everything who lives in the house signs the agreement with you, even roommates that move in at a later date. The reason why is because if the house ends up damaged or anything else that the landlord doesn't like, you can end up getting held solely responsible if no one else signed the agreement. It might also be the rules of the property owner for all of your roommates to sign the agreement.

Making House Rules with Roommates

Other than what is in the rental agreement with the landlord, there should be rules set between you and your roommates. For instance, you should all come together to create a list of house rules that everyone must follow, along with the consequences of breaking them. Make the rules a legal agreement by ensuring that it is signed by everyone and notarized.

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