Land For Sale: It Is All About Wording And Putting Your Spin On It

When there are several acres of land for sale, it is usually because a farmer has gone out of business or the government has decided to sell off a chunk of what it owned for a while. Sometimes land can be in families for generations, and the newest generation decides to sell his or her inheritance rather than hold onto it. Whatever the case for land being for sale, it is up to you, the real estate agent, to word it and promote it any way you can. It is all about how you spin it, and here are a few ways you could sell a big chunk of land.

Farm Land for Sale

Whether it was farm land before it came on the market, or it can become farm land now, it may be the way in which you are able to sell this parcel. Neighboring farms or adjacent property owners may be interested in snapping up this piece, since it could expand their farms or enlarge their estates. If they are not interested, you may even be able to sell it as "hobby farm" land, land used mostly for a very small herd of horses or a few cows.

Hunting Land for Sale

If there are dense wooded areas on the land, you may wish to promote the land as hunting property. Hunters are always looking for land on which they can build a little cabin and/or stalk prey without worrying about poaching laws. Hunting on your own property is often allowed all year long, versus the very strict laws of hunting on public property at certain times of the year. (It just depends on the state.) If you do decide to promote the land as "good hunting land," be sure you know all of the animals that can be hunted, trapped, and caught on the property, both big and small game. Hunters will ask about what kind of game is available, so it is important to familiarize yourself with the wildlife and game in the area.

Vacation Property

Regardless of the wooded areas on the property (or lack thereof), you may still find interested parties who are looking for a good parcel of land on which to build a vacation home. Some people like to have a northern home for winter activities and a southern home for summer activities, while others prefer the reverse of that so that they live in comfortable climes all year round. Locally and within the same state, you may find buyers who just want a "country house" or "country estate," and that works just as well for sales and promotion.