How To Keep Your Downtown Apartment From Being Overrun By Friends

Having a luxury downtown apartment or loft located downtown means that you are centrally located to a number of different things. For friends and family who are further outside of the city, living centrally located may seem like a dream. The one downside to living in such an amazing apartment is making sure people don't invite themselves over. Those who are going out in the city may try to crash at your place in the middle of the night. People may also want to stop by in order to get a taste of city life. If you value your alone time, here are some ways that you can enjoy your downtown space privately. 

Institute a personal hours rule for yourself

If people stop by all the time, you may feel like you don't get the time that you need to relax. To combat this issue, create a personal hours rule. During these hours, do not feel like you have the answer the door nor return text messages and calls. You do not have to let anyone know about these hours, you only have to adhere to them for yourself. This will give you the time and space to get away from the hustle and bustle and enjoy your place. 

Explain that you work many hours

If you have friends and family who love to get together, you may find them volunteering your place as the hang out spot. Being located in a hip area is one of the main reasons why you will be designated as the "party house". Be sure to make it clear that you work often, even inside of your home, and that you tend to have limited free time. If people believe that you are working, they will be more likely to respect your time and will not ask you to host as many get togethers as they would if they believed that you had plenty of free hours. 

Suggest an outside meeting space

Instead of agreeing to meet up at your space all of the time to have fun in the city, suggest a place such as a lounge, a hotel bar, or another enjoyable public area. This will allow you to get together with friends and maintain a social life without having your living space infringed upon. Offering to help host city parties outside of your home can leave your downtown apartment for you to enjoy on your own.