7 Places To Work As Your Small Business Grows

When you work in corporate American, you often have a cubicle or other small office space to go to each morning and to leave behind each evening. When you own a small business, however, the options of where you perform your work is almost limitless. In fact, as your business grows, your needs may change as well. 

1. Kitchen Table: While not ideal, many successful businesses start right at the kitchen table. You can spread out all your paperwork, promotional materials, and laptops until you need to clear off the space for dinner. 

2. Dedicated Home Office: If constantly moving your things is frustrating, you can set up a dedicated home office space. This can either be a den, an extra bedroom, or any space with a door. Being able to close the door during phone calls with clients, as well as at the end of a long day, is helpful to many small business owners. 

3. Library: For some people, being at home is too distracting. If small children, a forgetful spouse, or the six loads of laundry are distracting you, the library can offer a quiet respite to work. In fact, many libraries have 'Quiet Rooms' that you can use at no charge.   

4. Coffee Shop: For creatives, the lively buzz of a local coffee shop may be just what they need to brainstorm and think outside the box. Most coffee shops do not mind if you plop down in the corner for a few hours, just be sure to buy a coffee and leave a tip. 

5. Co-Work Space: If you need a more professional meeting space on a semi-regularly basis, investigate co-working spaces in your area. Most major metropolitan areas have unique, industrial buildings that have been converted into collaborative working environments. For a low monthly membership fee, you can use one of the many sofas, conference rooms, or enclosed offices that they offer. You do not even need to go every day; plans are as low as 4 days a month.

6. Executive Office Suite: When your business reaches a certain point, you may decide that renting an office space, such as Castello Square Executive Suites, is the next step. Executive office suites range in size from a one-room space to a multiple office unit. Choose what works best for you now, and move up as you continue to grow. 

7. Office Condo: Another option is the little-known office condo. This office space looks like other rental spaces, but you purchase it instead, similar to a residential condo. Depending on your business, this can be a great investment.

As your business grows, your need for space, both to work and to meet with potential clients, will change. Be ready to take the next step when your outgrow your current space.