Tips For Packing Your Storage Unit Efficiently

When you have to put your belongings into storage, you want to pack the storage unit in an efficient manner so you don't waste space. You also want to know your items are packed safely and that you'll be able to access them easily when you need to. Follow the tips below to pack your storage unit in the most efficient manner possible.

Use plastic bins

You want to pack all you can into plastic bins. Number the outside of the bins and write the number and content of each bin on a paper. This way, you will know exactly which bin your items are in so you can access them quickly when you need something.

When you pack the bins into the storage unit, you want to make sure the heaviest bins are on the bottom, followed by the next heaviest, with the lightest bins placed on the top.

Put the large items in the back

You're not going to need to access your larger items, such as your furniture and appliances, as much as you'll need to access the items in the bins. Therefore, you can place the large items in the back of the unit where they will be safe and out of the way.

Pack your other items correctly

Consider packing your clothing in wardrobe boxes. This will keep them safe and unwrinkled, make it easy for you to locate your clothing items and will take up less room in the unit.

You can put items such as blankets, towels, pillows, quilts and stuffed animals into vacuum sealed bags. You will put your items into the bag, seal it tightly and vacuum the air out of the bag. When the air is removed the bag gets surprisingly small, making it easier to pack a large amount of items into a very small space. When you open the bag, the air will go back into the items and they will return to their original condition.

Keep your mirrors and pictures safe by putting them between two mattresses. This is a good way to pack them in the storage unit out of the way and know they aren't going to get broken on accident.

Take the lamp shades off of your lamps and wrap them separate from the lamps so they don't become damaged and will fit into the storage unit easier.

Disassemble awkward items

If you have certain items that take up a lot of room, you can disassemble them and fit a lot more into your unit. A couple of examples of items you can disassemble for storage include dining room tables and bed frames.

When you pack your storage unit the right way you'll be able to fit much more into the unit, be able to find items easier and know that your items won't be broken when you get them out. Talk to a facility like Allsafe & Storaway Self Storage for more tips on packing your things away safely.