Keeping Your Business Safe From Burglary

If you own a small business, you will want to take steps to help in the prevention of theft. Taking precautions now with the help of a company like Georges Lock & Security Service can help safeguard your money and your information. Here are some ways that you can make sure that your business is suited for dealing with an unexpected burglary.

Door Locks

You will want to have your doors and windows lock at night knowing that they can not be easily broken into. Many insurance companies will require you to prove that there was excessive force used to commit a robbery. You will want to use a lock system that makes the burglar push against the doors with force to help plead your case to the insurance, if needed.

Pin-tumbler cylinder locks are one of the stronger locks that you could install. They come with three to seven pins. Using one with five or more pins will keep a burglar from entering easily, as they are harder locks to pick.

Double-cylinder locks are also a great choice, as they need a key to open each side of the lock. A burglar couldn't break a window and reach in to open the door. The entire window would need to be broken if they wanted to continue coming inside. This also deters against someone hiding in the building and sneaking outside with goods later.


If you are a business that handles cash sales, you will want a safe to put any excess cash in during the operating hours. Frequently empty the cash register so that there is not an abundance of cash for a thief to have access to during the day. The best safes are those that are bolted to the floor so they cannot be easily taken along. 

Alarm Systems

Having a burglar alarm that ties into a central station or police station is always a great idea to keep your business safe. A silent alarm is best, as it doesn't alert the burglar that someone has been informed, and the robbery may be stopped during the act, saving others from being robbed. The cost of an alarm system can be deducted from the insurance policy in most instances.


One of the best ways to deter thieves is to have adequate lighting, both in and outside of your business. Having floodlights that light up your business at night will draw attention to the building, making it a less of a target. Police in the area will get to know which businesses have lighting, and if something were to cause your lights to be out, they will be aware that there is a difference in how your business looks and will most likely take a closer look to make sure there is not a problem.