Removing A Fresh Coffee Stain From Your Upholstery

When you're rushing around to get everything done in the morning, it's all too easy to spill your coffee. Before you know it, there's a black or brown stain in your nicely upholstered chair. Don't panic. Removing a coffee stain is not as hard as you might imagine, especially when the stain is fresh. Just follow these steps. Blot it up. Do not rub the stain at all. Doing so will only make it larger and may also " Read More 

Why Does It Cost So Much To Fix A Herculite Door?

Herculite doors are beautiful, high-end glass doors that adorn many retail storefronts and office buildings. They're typically taller and wider than standard storefront doors and have a sleek full-glass look. Herculite doors are also called frameless glass doors. While they don't have frames, they do typically have top rails and bottom rails that hold the locking hardware and the door closing mechanisms. If your Herculite door is in need of repair, you might be getting some costly repair quotes from commercial locksmiths that have you wondering why on earth it costs so much to fix this type of door. Read More 

Tips For A Well-Coordinated Move

Moving to a new location can take a lot of time as well as effort to coordinate the details. There are several ways to streamline the time you spend for a productive and quick move. Find a Mover You Can Rely On The biggest thing you can to do to save time and struggle is to find a reliable mover. This means, for one, that they should be available to answer your calls so that you can ask questions and coordinate your move details effortlessly. Read More 

What To Do When Your Pipes Burst

Winter weather is here, and as the temperature drops, your pipes can freeze. What do you do when they freeze or burst? Here are five actions to take after your pipes freeze or burst: 1. Turn off the main water valve If you notice your pipes are frozen, but have not burst, the first step is to immediately turn off the main water valve. This prevents your home from flooding if your pipes burst. Read More 

Teaching Kids About Bed Bugs | A Parent’s Guide

As a parent, there are many different types of pests that you may teach your youngsters about. You will likely teach them about  the dangers of spiders or how to keep from catching head lice, but bed bugs are often one pest that get disregarded when it comes to teaching your children. What many parents do not know is that their children could easily pack bed bugs into their home. Bed bugs can be one of the biggest pest control issues, and if you want to make sure the bedbugs never bite at your house, it is wise to teach your children the basic facts. Read More