Nifty Exterior Staging Tips When Putting Up Your Home For Sale

While there is a range of factors that home buyers take into consideration when looking around for homes for sale, most people can agree that the first impression that these potential buyers will get of your house will be based on the curb appeal of the residence. If the exterior is looking shabby and unkempt, you will likely not close a sale for months or even years on end.

But this does not mean that you should simply carry out some tidying up and hope for the best. Instead, you should be proactive about presenting your property in the best way possible. This article highlights two nifty exterior staging tips when putting up your home for sale.

Power wash all exterior surfaces

Irrespective of how long you have lived in your home, it is bound to collect grime over the years. When this grime is left to sit for a prolonged time, it steadily starts to stain the respective surfaces such as walls, fencing, siding, and so on. Your driveway, on the other hand, is constantly exposed to contaminants in the form of fluid leaks, grease, and more. While you could be thinking that you should simply paint over these surfaces, the reality is that you cannot get a flawless finish on an unprepared surface.

Your best solution would be to hire power washing services. This service is highly convenient since power washing can be utilized on virtually any type of surface so you get to restore the original beauty of your property by having all the dirt and stains that have accumulated over the years washed away. As a result, your home not only looks new, but it will appear more vibrant, too.

Perpetuate symmetry in your line of sight

One thing some sellers forget to do when putting their home up for sale is looking at their property from the viewpoint of the buyer. When you do a walkthrough from your driveway up to the entrance of your home with a different perspective, you will then quickly notice that some elements may not be in harmony and this can be attributed to the asymmetrical nature of your residence. Thankfully, you can easily correct this by creating the illusion of symmetry.

For example, you could plant a row of flowers in the same color on either side of your driveway to make it look centered. Additionally, you can consider placing towering plants on either side of your front door to make it look like the doorway is located smack in the middle of your house. The more symmetrical you can make your property appear, the more aesthetically pleasing to the eye it is to buyers and this will increase the likelihood of a quick sale.