3 Things To Consider When Helping Your Parent Choose A Senior Apartment

Making the decision to move into a senior apartment is not always easy, especially if your loved one has lived in their present home for most of their life. However, finding the right apartment can make the transition easier. Considering these important things when looking will help you choose an apartment that is best for your loved one.

1. Curb appeal

While outside appearance may not be the most important thing to consider when selecting a senior apartment, it is not something you should overlook. A place that has great curb appeal and is attractive can make a difference in making a first impression on your loved one.

Look to see how well the property is maintained and how attractive the landscaping appears. Are outbuildings in good condition? Are there adequate outdoor areas where your parent can sit and enjoy being outside? If so, the senior living apartment may be the right fit.

2. Safety features

What safety measures does the apartment have in place? The most important thing a senior apartment should have is safety features that can reduce the risk of accidents that may injure your loved one. Bathroom and kitchen areas are often determined to be high-risk rooms of the home where most accidents occur.

Some things to look for include motion-sensor lighting, especially in the kitchen and bathroom. This eliminates fumbling for lights when going to the bathroom at night or going to the kitchen to get a drink or snack. Plush carpeting should also be avoided, as it can be a tripping hazard if your loved one uses an assistive device, such as a walker or cane.

3. Easy access to community events

What type of events or activities are offered in or near the apartment complex that your senior may enjoy? Consider your loved one's hobbies and likes when inquiring about recreational options. Being active and involved in a local community is important for self-esteem and to prevent loneliness.

Find out what methods of transportation are available locally if your parent is no longer able to drive. This can give your parent the assurance that they will have the freedom to come and go as they desire to maintain their independence.

Making the transition to living in a senior apartment will go smoother when you find an apartment that is a good fit for your loved one. The appearance and safety features of the apartment are important things to consider, as well as what the community offers in the way of programs or activities for seniors to participate in. Contact a senior apartment complex to learn more.