4 Tower Condo Amenities Ideal For Active Lifestyles

Many condos constructed exclusively for residents aged 55 and over come with benefits for the local area. Residents who move into condos or other locations often get a package of amenities with their home. If you want to lead an active lifestyle within the condo community, then learn how some of the amenities cater to exercise and daily activities.

1. Bicycle Storage Room

The Fort Lauderdale area has a lot of options for riding bikes. You can ride on boardwalks, on sidewalks, or on trips to local destinations like stores. With high-rise condos, the last thing you will want to do is lug your bike onto an elevator every day just to bring it down and out of the building.

Many large condo complexes include bicycle storage rooms. The ground level storage area gives you a private and secure space to store your bike. Your bike will remain locked up and protected for times when you're not using it. Easily access the bike and go for rides to cover your daily exercise routine.

2. Village Shoppes

If you enjoy walking, then many condo complexes offer easy access options for walking. Many of the condo buildings in the Fort Lauderdale area are within walking distance to an area known as the village shoppes. The shops feature grocery shopping, general stores, and other options like beauty salons.

Get daily exercise as you walk to the shops. Even if you don't need to buy anything, the area offers a lot of walking options. Nearby malls offer indoor walking options during the hotter months of the year.

3. Easy Beach Access

When you own a condo near the shore, you typically get free access to the beach. Not only do you enjoy views of the ocean, but a beach offers multiple ways to live an active lifestyle. Spend your days walking up and down the beach for exercise. You could also take daily swims in the ocean.

Within the community, you may find a variety of beach exercise classes, including beach yoga or running groups.

4. Heated Pools

For a beach alternative, take daily swims at the heated pool included with each condo. Sit comfortably in heated water as you do laps and burn calories. With a pool located right at the condo, you can easily access the area without leaving the building. The access allows you to easily make the pool a part of your daily routine.

Consider all of the active amenities as you shop for a condo and want to keep up with an active lifestyle. Visit local condos, such as Coral Ridge Towers east condos, to see what amenities they have available.