Three Signs You Have A Quality Real Estate Agent

Buying or selling a home is a big deal. Real estate is a big financial investment on both ends of any transaction. Using a good real estate agent is one way to protect your investment and ensure things are done right. Here are three signs you have a quality real estate agent and traits you should pay attention to:


Real estate transactions are contracts that involve large sums of money. Legal contracts have time constraints and other details that need to be done correctly to keep them valid! If your agent isn't prompt and on time, how can you trust that they are completing the contract steps promptly to keep it valid? Showing a home or viewing a home is critical for either type of transaction. Open houses and tour appointment times can lead you to successful offers or have you miss out on potential ones. 

Good Communication

Real estate transactions can be messy with multiple parties involved. Finding a good real estate agent that is dedicated to communicating often with you is a great way to make sure you are aware of specific timelines and updates. If you have to reach out to a Realtor for updates or ask for basic information, they might not be communicating clearly with you. You need to be sure your investments are being handled well and deserve to be in the loop. Good communication is key for negotiations with other involved parties. A good personality and confidence can help build good bridges between sellers and home buyers.


Having an honest Realtor is one of the most important qualities you can find in a real estate professional. You want to be able to trust them and feel that they have your best interest in mind. As they represent you as a buyer or seller, you should be sure of their loyalty to you. A good Realtor will be upfront about their commission charges too. If you are selling your home, you're going to want an agent who can be upfront with you about any changes you need to make to the property to get the best offers possible. This can be awkward for agents to tell homeowners who are emotional about their homes, but it is necessary and can be done with tact.

If your real estate agent doesn't possess these qualities, you might want to consider looking for another one! Pay attention to the things that matter and protect your investment so you feel good about your real estate transactions.