Interested In Purchasing A Ranch? 3 Features To Look For

If you are interested in purchasing a working ranch, you are going to want to make sure that you know what to look for. Purchasing a ranch is a little different than purchasing regular residential property. You have some different features you need to look for.

Make Sure the Well Works

First, you need to make sure that the well works on the property.

When you purchase a ranch, chances are you will not be tapping into the city water supply. Rather, your water is going to come from a well, and you are going to have a private septic system.

Before you purchase the home, you need to have both the well and the septic tank inspected by professionals. Keep in mind that just because there is a well on the property doesn't mean that it is a dependable well. Wells can dry up and lose pressure over time. Be sure to get the water levels and pressure tested to make sure you are purchasing property that has a good working well.

Look for a Well-Maintained Septic System

In addition to not being connected to the city water system, your property will more than likely not be connected to the city sewer system either, which means you will have a septic tank on your property. Get the septic tank inspected by a professional to make sure the tank is well-maintained and to figure out when you will need to pump the tank. Pumping the tank is just a regular expense that comes with having a septic system.

If the septic tank is not in good shape, be sure to take that into consideration when making your offer.

Figure Out the Water Rights

When you purchase a working ranch, you are going to have animals, such as cattle and horses, that you need to provide water for. If there is a pond, stream, lake or other water source nearby, you need to find out if you have water rights to that body of water before you purchase the property. You want to make sure that you will not have any issues providing the livestock on your property with the water that they need.

When it comes to purchasing a ranch, you want to make sure the well works and that it comes with a well-maintained septic tank. You also need to look into the water rights for the farm and make sure you understand where all the water will come from to run the farm. Purchase a ranch that is a size that you can handle taking care of; you can always upgrade to a larger farm down the road. Keep these tips in mind as you look at ranch properties for sale in your area.