Why Join A National Hotel’s Vacation Club

When it comes to timeshares and vacation clubs, there are certainly lots of different options available out there. But with that said, if you are thinking about going down this road, it might benefit you as someone new to the experience to seek out a national hotel chain that offers these benefits. Here's how starting to collect points from a major hotel chain's club, such as Marriott Vacation Club, could benefit you and your family.

Vacation Clubs Backed By National Brands Have More Options

Normally when you select a timeshare property, you are locked in to vacationing at that one property in that one city each year. But this isn't the case with a nationwide vacation club program. A club backed by a national hotel chain may still ask you to pick a "home" or main vacation spot, but the beauty of the program is that the hotel likely has other timeshares or hotel rooms that you can buy with your points all across the country or around the world. You'll be able to have a greater variety of choices when you go on vacation every year instead of going back to the same timeshare.

National Brands Have Tons of Feedback Already Out There

Take a look down in South Carolina, Florida, or any other hot vacation spot and you'll likely find a large number of companies trying to sell you on timeshares or vacation clubs. But many of these companies might be local to that area, and it's possible you've never heard of them before. Not exactly the kind of experience you want to buy into as a first-timer, in other words.

But with a national program like the one provided by hotel chains like Marriott, there are literally thousands of other people who have joined before you and have likely given feedback on their experience. You can use this collective hive mind to narrow down your choices when it comes time to pick a main timeshare or home base or to figure out how to switch things up if you do want to vacation elsewhere.

In short, stick with a major national brand when buying into a timeshare or vacation club program and you'll likely have a wide variety of options at your disposal, and the details of exactly what you have to do to have the best possible experience will also be clearer. Contact a vacation club program today for more information about things like Marriott Vacation Club points.