First-Time Home Selling Tips To Get You Started

First-time home-buyers can find loads of helpful tips that aim to help them go from starry-eyed newbies to determined hunters ready to plonk down the earnest money. First-time sellers don't usually rate that much attention since it's assumed once you buy a home you know what you're doing. When it comes to selling your home, it's nothing like what you went through when you bought it. To help you ease your way into this new role as a seller, read below for some tips to get you focused on what's important.

Pricing Pricing Pricing

Instead of location location location being the top three most important aspects of buying a home, for sellers, it's all about setting a price. Trying to sell a home without the help of a pricing specialist (a real estate agent, in other words) is like trying to buy a home without getting pre-approved. It can be done, but it's not advisable. Real estate agents use what are called "comps" to compare your home with others sold recently. Comps should be nearby, of similar size, and have similar features.

Make Your Home Attractive

While it may not be necessary to do a total remodel, you should have your agent do a walk-through and offer you some tips on updates that are easy and make a difference to buyers. If you could perform just one task that cost little to nothing and makes the most difference, it would be to remove clutter and extra furniture. A buyer should be left wondering—is this house occupied or vacant?

Go for the Professional Photos

Countless buyers search for homes online and first impressions should be one of gloss, cleanliness, and beauty. Often, real estate agents are good at taking photos or hiring a good photographer for you. Taking good home photos is an art—it's the angle, the light, the colors, and how the home appears on the web

Don't Bypass the Open House

Buyers love open house events. As long as your home is not in a remote area, buyers will be attracted by the signs your agent places near busy intersections. The best thing about an open house is the casual atmosphere. Buyers are relaxed, open, and may let their emotions do the talking when they tender an offer.

Take Offers Seriously and Graciously

Take it as a compliment, even if the offer is insufficient. Buyers often test the waters with low-ball offers just to gauge your desperation. Discuss each offer with your agent and respond in a timely manner with a counter. You might want to remember what it's like to wait for a buyer to get back to you when you were looking for your current home.

For more tips when adding placing your property for sale, speak to your real estate agent.