The Best Apartments for Pet Living

If you prefer to live in an apartment due to the proximity to town or the convenience of having certain amenities and you have a pet, you may want to consider the location of available units when you go hunting for new dwellings. Pets often require to be walked or to have access to the outdoors and can be noisy when you are away so you want to make sure you choose a location that works out best for you (and your neighbors). Here is a guide to finding an apartment when you have a pet so you can live most comfortably. 

Outside entry

If you have a pet that needs to be walked regularly like a dog, ferret, or even a rabbit, then you will want a ground-floor apartment with an entry that faces the outdoors. This makes it easier for you to get in and out of your residence without disturbing others as you walk your pet at odd hours of the day or night to let them go to the bathroom. Indoor entries that are right by an exist are also preferable if you cannot find a new apartment with outside-facing doors.

The ground floor is preferable to higher floors so you don't have to make your pet climb stairs or take an elevator. If you have a noisy pet, it also limits the amount of noise it makes indoors so you don't disturb other apartment residents around you.

Corner unit

The fewer neighbors you have around you when you have pets in an apartment, the fewer people you can potentially disturb by a pet who makes noise when you are not at home. Seek a corner apartment so you don't have neighbors on all sides of you, which gives you more privacy. Since some pets respond to the sounds other apartments are making, it's best to seek a quiet location by choosing an apartment on any level that is on the edge of the building. If you don't need to walk your pet regularly, then the top floor may be best as it has the least amount of people you will be living by.

You can successfully live in an apartment complex when you have pets as long as you make sure to choose the right apartment spaces. Make your needs known to your real estate agent so they can help you find the dwellings that best match your desires. This way, both you and your pet can live comfortably even if you have neighbors all around you.