Welcome Your Tenants To Your Rental Home With These Items

While you have a long list of responsibilities when you decide to rent real estate to tenants, it's nice to go above and beyond this list by being a friendly, hospitable landlord. To fulfill this role, it's nice to welcome your tenants with a thoughtful gift or two left in the home on the day before they move in. Don't be afraid of spending a bit of money in this manner — after all, your tenants will either be paying the mortgage on the home or, if it's already paid, providing you with a nice source of personal income. A small gift is a minimal investment that can establish your landlord-tenant relationship on the right foot. Here are some ideas.

Fresh Flowers

A vase of fresh flowers left on the kitchen counter will add some cheery color to the rental home and provide a nice welcome for your tenants when they move in. You can buy a simple selection of flowers at your local florist or grocery store or, if you have a garden in your own yard, cut some of the flowers for an inexpensive gift. Buy a nice vase that the tenants can keep after the flowers have run their course, and pair this gift with a welcome note left on the counter at the base of the vase.

A Gift Card To A Local Restaurant

The first meal someone eats upon moving into a new home is often of the take-out or delivery variety, given the busy nature of moving day. A nice way to welcome your tenants to their new home is to leave a gift card for a local restaurant that can provide the moving day meal. Many people opt for pizza when they move in, given its convenience, so a gift card from a restaurant that sells pizzas, subs, and other easy-to-eat items can be a good idea. If there's a different type of restaurant in the area that you really enjoy, you may wish to buy a gift card for it and leave a note saying that the restaurant is one of your favorites.

Other Handy Ideas

Whether you've bought the above items or not, it can be a nice gesture to leave some other welcome "gifts" for your new tenants. Take some time to go around the community and collect certain things that will be valuable. For example, stop at city hall to pick up a copy of the waste-collection dates and regulations, visit the local community center to pick up a book that lists the center's available programming, and drop by local restaurants to pick up a selection of take-out menus. You can also compile a list of important phone numbers. This is especially valuable to tenants who are moving to the area from a different city, and will show that you care.