Going To Grad School At Columbia Or CUNY? 2 Neighborhoods To Search For Rental Apartments

If you're going to attend City University Of New York or Columbia University for graduate school and are looking for an apartment, then you might have found out how difficult it is to find a place to rent in Manhattan. Both of these campuses are located in upper Manhattan. While that area is not as expensive as Midtown or Lower Manhattan, it can still be hard to find a nice, affordable place. However, there are some nearby neighborhoods that you should look into. Here are two places to consider.


Inwood is the northern -most neighborhood in Manhattan. Columbia (116th Street) and CUNY (135th) are both easily accessible via the #1 subway line. This line travels north and makes stops in Inwood (as well as the other neighboorhood on the list).

Inwood is also much greener than the neighborhoods that surround CUNY and Columbia. There are large parks, such as Isham Park. This is a beautiful 20-acre park with jogging trails, a large lawn for sun tanning or playing frisbee, and beautiful trees that give the neighbored a quiet atmosphere. If you're going to Columbia, you can even catch some of the school's football games near your place, as the university has their athletic field up in Inwood.

You don't need a car if you live in Inwood because, like the rest of Manhattan, everything is within walking distance. In Inwood, you will find tons of shops, restaurants, and cafés along Broadway. The neighborhood has a history of being an enclave for immigrants. It was an Irish mainstay for a long time, and now it is a center for the Dominican population in New York City, particular around Dykeman Street. Because of this, there are lots of nice Dominican restaurants and also dance clubs you can visit.

Marble Hill

If you cross over the 225th Street bridge at the northern end of Inwood, you might think you're in The Bronx. But the small neighborhood across the water is technically still Manhattan. It's called Marble Hill. It has the laid-back atmosphere of The Bronx. It's more of a slow-paced community with a nice neighborhood feel. You take the same subway line (#1) to get to CUNY or Columbia. The train stops right at the bridge.

The neighborhood has a huge shopping plaza overlooking the Harlem River. The plaza has a Planet Fitness, Starbucks, Target, Applebee's, Marshals, and a host of smaller stores. There are also lots of stores lining the main street in the neighborhood. If you like to jog or bike, then you can head north to Van Cortland Park, which is located a short walk away.

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