Details You Might Want To Keep To Yourself When Buying A Home

While being positive and showing interest are good tactics at open houses, you don't need to tell sellers and their realtors everything about your future plans and financial background. There are things you might want to keep to yourself as a potential buyer of a home. Here are four pieces of information you might be better off keeping to yourself during the home buying process.

1. Discussing Potential  Remodeling Plans

Sellers might love their fireplace or the deck that they built themselves. If you don't, they might not want to hear your plans to renovate. This includes any discussion at open houses, since you never know who might be listening. If a seller finds out that you think their home is a fixer upper when they have taken pride in their own renovations, you might not come out ahead with your offer.

2. If You Plan on Selling in a Few Years

If a home has been the seller's family home for years, you might find that they are looking for a family similar to theirs, such as a family that will put down roots. If you are looking for your starter home or a home you plan to sell in a few years, this might not be an appealing fact to some sellers.

3. Your Personal Life and Plans for a Home

While it might come up in conversation, there is no reason to discuss your family situation or future plans with a home with sellers. If you plan on renting out a home or even a room to help with costs, this doesn't really need to be shared with a potential buyer. On the other hand, if your lifestyle mirrors that of the seller, this can actually improve your situation, such as a single working professional moving into a condo or a family with small kids moving into a family-oriented neighborhood.

4. If You are Overly Interested in a Home

Looking at open houses and envisioning yourself in homes can be exciting, but it is important to keep your emotions in check when viewing homes. If sellers and their realtors can sense how much you are hoping to buy their home, they might stick to their asking price if they know how much you love their house. While you can be excited on the inside, stick to the facts when communicating with sellers.

While you don't need to say all of your future plans, needs, or emotions when working with a potential seller, some form of honestly might be helpful. Being candid might just get your offer accepted, but try your best to know the difference between sincerity and too much information. The more interaction that you can keep between realtors the better. They can help you strategize the best way to go about your offer.