How To Determine If The Home Is Worth The HOA

When purchasing a home, one of the obstacles that can get in the way is a homeowner's association. The requirements that homeowner's associations often have and the debates you may have to undergo can be a hassle. 

Find The Most Recent Minutes And The Agreement

Get a copy of the homeowners association's recent minutes and agreement. You will learn interesting things such as whether you are allowed to place a certain number of Christmas lights or the type of flooring you are allowed to have. If the homeowners association appears to have rules that are too dictatorial, you might choose a different home.

Learn About What The Fees Cover

Find out exactly what all of your fees will be covering. Usually, fees will be covering all of the basic utilities. If any utilities are not covered, you will then know that you will have to pay extra out-of-pocket for utilities that are not already covered.

Talk With Former Owners Who Aren't Selling

The best person to talk to is a previous homeowner who was a member of the homeowner's association and is not a seller. Sellers will have a vested interest in making the homeowner's association seem like less of a problem than it really was. Ask about the common issues that the organization debated and whether the former owner found that the requirements were ridiculous or not.

Know If The Reserve Fund Is Big Enough

Find out about the reserve fund so you will not have big assessments. Some homeowners will move in and will then discover that there is a big assessment for fixing a swimming pool or some other cost. Make sure that the reserve fund can handle all future maintenance costs.

While homeowner's associations might seem annoying, there are many benefits to one as well. Since everyone will be held to the same high standards, your community will have a much better appearance that you will be proud of. The organization might ban things that would be annoying otherwise, such as large RVs that would take up space on the sidewalk. There are also many services that the HOA will maintain. You may have a swimming pool, tennis court, trails and several other desirable amenities handled by the organization. There may also be services, such as free trash pick-up. Like with anything when choosing a home, you must weigh the pros and cons to determine whether the homeowner's association is the right thing for you. Contact a real estate agent, like Mojica & Associates Real Estate, for more help.