How To Improve Curb Appeal On Shady, Wooded Properties

Good curb appeal can help sell your property because properties that look welcoming and well maintained can make a good impression on home buyers. For homeowners with shady, wooded properties, developing curb appeal can be a challenge for a variety of reasons. For example, grass grows poorly on shady properties, which can make shady homes look unkempt. In addition, shady properties with many trees can be difficult for buyers to find, because the darkness and tree branches can hide the house numbers. Luckily, there are many ways to combat the problems that these properties face. The following tips will help homeowners who own shady properties develop their curb appeal.

Trim Trees That Obstruct The View

Trim tree branches that cut in front of the house and obstruct the view of the property. Maintaining visibility of the home ensures that buyers can see your house, appreciate the structure and beauty of your home. While you're at it, trim any low hanging branches that can make the path to the front door hard to see.

Cut Back Shrubs

Large or overgrown shrubs can make your shady property seem unpleasantly dark. It's alright to have shrubs on your property, but they should not cast your property into deeper shade. Keep your shrubs trim and reasonably-sized. Avoid planting shrubs near your front stoop, to ensure that the front door remains easy to see.

Cover Areas Where Grass Won't Grow

If your property is regularly in darkness, you may have had a hard time growing grass on your lawn. Bald patches and muddy spots are unsightly and can deter buyers. There are many ways that you can cover these patches where grass won't grow. For example:

  • Make a seating area. Install paving stones over the dirt, then place a small table and chairs on the pavers.
  • Grow shade-loving ground cover. Some types of ground cover, like ivy, prefer to be grown in shade and will do well in those conditions.
  • Install a rock garden.  Installing a garden of beautiful rocks will add an attractive, unique feature to your front yard.

Install Large House Numbers

Make sure that your house numbers are still easy to see, despite the shade on your property. Replace your house numbers with large, visible characters that contrast with the color of the house.

Homes for sale on shady, wooded properties can look just as beautiful and well-maintained as homes on bright sunny properties. Following the tips above can help you enhance your home's curb appeal, making your home easier to sell.