House Crashers Prepare Your Land For Your Manufactured Home

Buying a house and land are large responsibilities to take on. Even more responsibility comes with purchasing the house and land separately. It can be more economical to purchase a manufactured home, then set the home on your purchased land. By purchasing a lot, you can get prime real estate space and select the perfect home for you and your family. Before you place your choice of homes onto your land, here are some things to prepare and plan.

Clear out a flat space

Any home must be settled into a flat space on a proper foundation. Before you can even pour the foundation, the land must be properly clear. Have an excavation company come out and clear out any large rocks, roots, stumps, or anything that will hinder the foundation. Make sure to clear out a space larger than the home, in the event that you decide to make additions later on, such as a garage or a deck.

Get a list of city codes

Before the house is placed on your land, you will need a full inspection.  You need to find out what types of homes are permissible in your city. For instance, some cities ban placing a mobile home on land. You need to know what counts as a mobile home versus a manufactured home and how to combat any issues that may come along with moving into your new house. Some cities even let you know how close a staircase can be to the front door. Knowing the codes will help you select a proper home, rather than having to go back and perform construction on the house to make it up to code.

Get connected

Prior to moving your home, you will need to pay the connection and installation fees for water and sewage, electricity, and internet. Some counties will have different providers which allow you to select the company that works best for your budget. If you want to have internet access, this is something that should be planned for in advance as well. Make sure the power, septic tank, and any satellites are functional before your home comes. You do not want place your home on the site, then find out you don't have basic options for the utilities that you need. Once the home is set on the foundation, it is final, so make sure all connections are taken care of prior to bringing your home to its resting place.

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