Selecting The Best Building For Your New Bakery Business

If you are interested in starting your own small bakery, you have most likely been eyeing different buildings in the town where you hope to set up shop. Deciding on which building would work best for your specific needs can be a bit tough, but with some advance planning you can tell your real estate company exactly what you are looking for so they can help you find the perfect spot for your new business. Here are some tips to consider when looking for a building to rent or own when starting a bakery business.

Check The Electrical System

To run a bakery you will need to use many pieces of electrical equipment to make and store the products you intend on selling. Make sure the building you select has adequate electrical outlets already installed within the rooms you will be using so you do not need to hire an electrician to make your machinery easier to utilize. If you are purchasing an older building, the electricity may not be as powerful and you risk overloading the system, causing unnecessary downtime as a result.

Consider The Layout

Your bakery should have adequate room for your oven, as well as areas to prepare your items on counter tops you can access quickly within the same area. You will want an open floor plan in the room you are using to bake. Make sure there is enough room in the building for a large commercial-grade refrigerator that can be accessed easily, as well. These rooms will need to be in the back of the building, away from the public eye. 

Your front room should be large enough to accommodate several customers and hold enough room to place a large display case with your treats of the day. A nice touch is having a room large enough to hold a few tables and chairs as well. This way customers can stay to enjoy their treats. A building with a large front window helps attract customers.

Search For Accessibility

Look for a building in an area where many people frequent, as you may attract people passing by when they peek into your front window. An area where people walk down sidewalks to get to their destinations will help grab customers. You can use the front sidewalk to advertise the baked good of the day to help entice people to come inside.

A building near several small businesses works well for a bakery, as the employees of these companies will become some of your best customers. Look for a building with adequate parking for those who are driving past. Contact a local real estate agent, such as Baddour And Associates Commerical Realtors, for more information.