Creating Space | How To Maximize Floor Area In A Tiny Apartment

If you are having to downsize to a smaller apartment, it can seem like a major chore to fit all of your belongings into an area that is much smaller than what you are used to and still have room to live. It may seem nearly impossible, but with a little creative thinking and an innovative strategy, you can make a small apartment work, and even better, you can actually create the illusion that you have more space than what you do. Here are a few key pointers you should keep in mind about creating more space in a tiny apartment. 

Take It Easy On Home Decor 

You may have a knack for making a place look perfectly outfitted with all of the most fashionable home decor and accessories, but if you are living in a small apartment, a lot of this stuff will be better either stored away or gotten rid of altogether. The more things you have crowding your walls, the smaller your new home will appear. Counter space and tabletops will likely have to be kept clear for more functional purposes, instead of decked out with figurines or things that are just nice to look at. A lot of decoration in a tiny apartment will just make a space look cluttered and it will leave less room for the things you must have around. 

Skip Large Furniture Pieces

If you take a look at the larger furniture pieces you have, you may find that some of them are massively sized without reason. For example, if you have a sectional sofa and only two people will be living in the apartment, a small loveseat and a few recliners will take up much less space. Perhaps, you have a king-sized bed, an elongated dining table, or a few dressers that barely get used. Downsizing large-scale furniture pieces will give you more room to walk around in your small apartment, but still be functional enough to cater to your needs. By eliminating large pieces, you will free up space to add items that can be used for extra storage as well. 

Even though moving into an apartment in a new area that is smaller than what you are used to can be a difficult transition, with a few adjustments it can work and allow you to have a home that does not appear crowded. Most people find that downsizing to a smaller living area can actually be very freeing, as it forces you to eliminate unnecessary belongings and clutter.