Protect Your Property And Reduce Your Waste - Selecting The Correct Size For A Storage Unit

Whether you're transitioning from one home to another, securing important financial records, or storing away a full office worth of equipment, a storage unit can be an excellent choice. Unfortunately, many people don't have an adequate understanding of the space they need and end up either struggling to stack material or with a great deal of unused space.

Below, you'll find a guide to selecting the right size for your storage unit needs. With this information in mind, you can be sure to have your belongings fully secured while also not looking around wistfully at a great deal of empty and unused space.


Typically the least expensive and smallest available commercial storage unit, a 5x5 unit is the right choice if you're merely looking to protect the contents of a small room or closet. This is an excellent decision if you're looking to rotate clothes in or out of a closet, hide away some dorm room furniture, or protect a small desk or table.

These are also great choices for business owners who need to store documents off site. A 5x5 unit can allow you to stack a few moderately sized office cartons, offering protection while simultaneously guaranteeing that you don't add to the clutter that can plague a great many office environments.


If you have larger furniture that needs to be stored, a 10x10 is likely the right choice for you. A unit of this size can often hold full sofa or bedroom sets, providing a convenient option if you're moving in with a loved one and find yourself suddenly in possession of a full additional set of furniture.

10x10 units are also popular among commercial clients, as they can hold a great deal of equipment. Kitchen equipment and hair styling equipment, for example, can be comfortably stored in a 10x10 unit, allowing your gear to remain protected until such time that you need to use it again or decide to sell it.


Typically the largest available commercial storage unit, 10x25 units will hold a full house's worth of items. These can be especially useful if you find yourself having to clean out a home in the run up to an estate sale or if you need temporary storage during a move.

They can also hold a full compliment of office equipment, allowing you to put a moderately sized company entirely into storage if you're transferring office space or caught in the unfortunate process of liquidation.

To learn more, contact a company like Santa Barbara Mini Storage with any questions or concerns you have.