Moving? Hire A Cleaning Service First!

When you move, you have more than just your items to worry about. You have the potential disaster of a house you are leaving behind. Rather than try to clean up after years of dwelling on your own, allow professional services to do your move out cleaning for you. Learn what they can do for you to make your house look as if you've never lived there.

Wall washing

Your walls are likely full of stubborn stains, hand prints, and scratched paint from moving furniture around. Using special buffers, cloths, and cleaning chemicals, professional cleaning services can cleanse your walls so they look as new as possible. You may have to touch up some paint here and there, but this is an easy task once your walls have been cleaned to their original shine. Professionals can even get that stubborn grime off your floor boards that you haven't tried to tackle in years.

Vinyl and wood floor cleaning

Your wood floors may look worn and discolored due to years of stains, furniture abuse, and dents from dropped pans and other items. Your vinyl can be scratched, torn, and raw from heavy foot traffic. Cleaning services can wash these special floors with the right tools to make them shiny and new again, so all you have to do is keep your shoes off the surfaces as you move out for good.

Carpet and rug cleansing

Professional services use special brushes and machinery to effectively break up years of hair, debris and stains in your stubborn carpet and rugs, so what is left behind is nearly pristine carpet. Areas such as your mud room or laundry area may need extra special attention, which is easier tackled by a pro than by doing it all yourself. Your staircase, entryways, and even bathroom carpet can also be cleaned so every room in your house looks as new as possible.

Other cleaning

You'd be surprised how nasty your kitchen cupboards can look, or how devastatingly dirty your ceilings are. Cleaning services leave no corner or cranny untouched, and can even clean the cement floor in your basement so it smells fresh and inviting instead of dank and wet.

When to clean

The ideal time to clean out your home if after you've already moved out of it for good. If you cannot wait that long, or are on a certain time frame in which your home can be cleaned, try to have as much of your furnishings and boxes out of your home as possible, so cleaning services can easily get their work done. It may take a day or two for everything to dry up, so if you are selling your home, allow for a few days before showing your home to potential buyers. If you are renting, let your landlord know you've cleaned the house as soon as possible so they know when they can rent out the space again.

Getting your home cleaned is a great way to make it look amazing when you are moving. Let professionals clean your house from top to bottom, so it remains as new-looking as possible. Kathy's Quality Cleaning, Inc. is a local company that specializes in move-out cleaning.