Five Ways To Extend The Time Between Necessary Dry Cleaning Sessions

Dry cleaning is not particularly expensive, but the costs can add up over time. If you're looking to reduce your dry cleaning bill in the long run, it's useful to extend the time between dry cleaning sessions. Of course, you can't show up to work in a dirty suit jacket or sweaty silk scarf. Use these tips to keep your dry-clean-only items cleaner, so you can wait longer between sessions at places like Cove Cleaners.

Remove your dry-clean-only items before sweating.

Sure, sometimes sweating in your suit jacket is unavoidable -- such as when you're waiting in the front of the room for a stressful presentation to commence. However, by avoiding sweating in your clothes as often as possible, you ensure it takes longer for them to get smelly. Leave your jacket behind  if you're going out in the heat to lunch. Leave your scarf in the car if you're about to rush around the store in a hurry.

Lint roll your clothing after every use.

If you let the lint and pet hair build up, it will be harder to remove at home, and you'll have no choice but to have the garment professionally cleaned. Invest in a good lint roller or lint brush, and use it every single time you wear your dry-clean-only items.

Avoid eating in your dry-clean-only clothes, when possible.

Once you get some mustard or steak sauce on your skirt, it's all over. There may be times when you need to eat in your dry-clean-only clothes at a professional or formal event. However, you should avoid doing so whenever possible. Take your jacket off before a casual lunch. Change when you get home, and then eat dinner in something more comfortable.

Don't go into smokey establishments in your dry-clean-only clothing.

If you know you're going to be stopping by a bar where there is smoking after work, bring a change of clothes. Avoid lingering with smokers outside the door of the office or other establishments if you're wearing something that must be dry cleaned. Once the item smells like smoke, you'll need to have it cleaned to remove the stench.

Avoid spraying perfume or cologne on your clothing.

Perfume and cologne can stain clothing. To avoid stains, spray these on before dressing, and make sure they're not applied in areas where the clothing comes into immediate contact with your body. Never spray cologne or perfume directly on an article of clothing -- or else, you'll be rushing to the cleaners when it develops a stain.

While you may not be able to follow all of the tips above all of the time because of your work environment or circumstances, following them as often as possible will reduce the number of times you're running to the cleaners.