The Remote Destination Traveler’s Guide To Avoiding Payment Problems With Storage Facilities

Placing personal belongings in secure storage is a wise move when traveling to very remote regions of world. You do not want to spend 90 days at sea on a freighter only to arrive at port and discover all your belongings were auctioned off due to non-receipt of payment. When engaging in unique travel adventures in which communications is limited, take precautionary steps to ensure all rental fees are paid. 

Set Up Recurring Payments on a Limited Credit Card

Paying in advance is not an option. You don't have the extra money. What can you do?

Setting up recurring payments with a credit card is the easiest strategy to employ, but choose your card wisely. If you are out of the communications loop, use a credit card with a low borrowing limit. If you pay $100 a month on the storage unit, setting a maximum credit limit of $500 safely covers you for five months. Also, if the card is compromised, you won't lose much money as would be the disastrous case if the credit limit was $5,000.

Still, another problem remains.

If you cannot access the Internet to check up on your account, you won't know if the card was used without authorization and maxed out or shut off.  So, you need a backup plan to ensure the storage unit is properly paid.

Write Post-Dated Checks

Write a number of post-dated checks intended to be delivered in the case the credit card fails. For those without the extra cash to deposit, open up a checking account with line of credit overdraft protection. This way, your checks are used to borrow from an account if necessary.

Of course, the delivery of the checks has to be effectively managed.

Work with a Private Mailbox Service

Relying on friends and family is never a good idea. People do forget things and make mistakes. Working with a professional mailbox service eliminates such problems. Private mailbox services handle more than just receiving mail. They also perform basic business-related support work on behalf of clients. Provide them with several post-dated and signed checks in stamped and sealed envelopes. The service then holds the envelopes on your behalf with instructions to mail them individually upon request.

Clue the Storage Rental Service In

Be sure to tell the management of the rental service that you are traveling around the world and out of the communications loop. This way, they know you are not just ignoring them if they call and cannot reach you. Obviously, you also must provide the phone number of the mailbox service along with directions on how the storage facility can request payment. 

Sure, this may seem like you are taking a lot of extra steps. So be it. At least you know you are always paying on time and avoiding hassles. For more information, contact Security Storage or a similar company.