Keeping Items Safe When Moving

When you are going to move from one location or another, you will want to package your belongings in a manner that will keep them safe from breakage or moisture. You will also want to use materials that will make it easy for you to find your belongings when they are being unloaded from a moving truck to be placed in their new destination. The supplies you use can make a huge difference in the ease of finding your items. They can also make an impact in how your belongings will be cared for while travelling. Here are some guidelines to use when packing your belongings to ensure they make the ride safely and get into your new place without becoming lost.


If you opt to package your belongings inside cardboard boxes, use a thick material to help cushion your items if they should become jostled during the move. Plastic storage bins are an even safer way to house your items. You can stack bins without worrying that your belongings will get crushed.


When you place your things into bins or boxes, you will want to add a layer of insurance that they will not become broken while in transit. Styrofoam packing peanuts can help keep items from shifting around inside enclosures. Packing peanuts also provide a layer of protection to help keep your items away from moisture. Bubble wrap is another great choice in housing your items. Simply wrap the material around your items to keep them from breaking.


If you are going to be using boxes, you will be needing packing tape to keep them from opening. Simply folding cardboard boxes closed will put items at risk if the box should happen to fall on the floor. Taping will keep them sealed and safe. Reinforce the bottom of your cardboard box by adding an extra layer of tape.


You will want to label your items so they can be found easily when they get to their new home. Use different colors for different rooms in your home so you will know where to take the box or bin. You can color code using index cards, colored markers, or even the packaging tape that you place on the top of the box. Keep a list of the colors in a notebook to help keep things organized when your moving truck arrives to your new location.

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