Know How To Store Your Valuables Properly

When you have things you want to keep but you just don't have room in your house to keep them, you start looking into self-storage facilities. They can be a great way to keep your things until you want or need them. However, not everything can be stored the same way. Before you go out and rent a storage unit, you need to know how certain things should be stored or if you should even store certain things in storage units. 


If you have any paintings, prints, or portraits that you want to store, you need to make sure that they are stored in a climate-controlled storage unit. This is necessary to keep the art in the best possible state. Some storage facilities have specific units that are designed to store art. Those units may also have built-in racks or shelves so that the art can be stored safely. Make sure that your art is all set in its own box so that nothing can damage it. 


Again, you will want to have a unit that has climate control. You don't want your electronics to be submitted to overly hot or cold temperatures. Extremes in temperature can damage the circuit boards in your televisions, computers, or other electronics. Another benefit to using a climate controlled unit is that it can also keep the dust out of the circuits. Dust and dirt on the circuit boards can cause them to short out, which means you are going to have to replace the item. Don't store your electronics in a regular box. Find a good strong packing crate and put them in that. Make sure that they are adequately padded. A side benefit to putting your electronics in a packing case is that they are disguised. 


Fur coats can be lovely in the winter when you want to be nice and warm. However, when summer comes, they just hog your closet space. Furs store well in a storage facility that has some climate control. If your unit can be set at the cooler end of the temperature range, it will be better for your furs. Make sure that you have them in a good coat cover and you have a sturdy rack to hang them on. The coat cover will completely encase your coat so that no bugs can get into it. 

Knowing how things should be stored will make it easier for you to find a storage unit, such as El Cajon Mini Storage, that meets your needs.