How To Efficiently Pack A Storage Unit

Since storage units are such a small space, it is important to pack your belongings efficiently. By following these tips, you will be able to make the most use out of the little space you have.

Picking The Right Kind of Unit

When picking a storage unit at a facility like Epic Group Inc, the biggest decision you will have to make is between an indoor or outdoor unit. Each has their pros and cons depending on what you are storing in them. Indoor storage units are best for items that are temperature sensitive, or need the additional security that comes from being indoors.

An outdoor storage unit is going to be easily accessible since you can pull your truck right up to the unit. This is great if you are moving big pieces of furniture, or heavy objects you do not want to carry a long distance.

Organizing A Storage Unit

When packing your storage unit, you must decide if you are storing things for the long term, or will frequently be accessing your belonging while they are in storage. Packing a storage unit that you will not be visiting frequently can be packed much like a moving truck. Stack boxes along the back wall all the way to the ceiling. Big appliances and furniture items around the outside, and odd shaped items in the front or center of the unit.

If you need to access your belongings from time to time, you will need a bigger unit so that you do not need to pack things so tightly. It helps to draw a diagram of your unit before you start packing it, so you know exactly where things will go. It will also be a great guide when you need to get back into your storage unit later.

Using Tables, Shelves, and Containers

When planning your storage unit for easy accessibility, you will want to purchase some accessories to help organize everything. Simple folding tables can provide great makeshift shelves to store things on, as they can even be stacked on top of each other. Purchasing basic wire shelving is an option as well, and will store boxes more efficiently.

Consider packing items in clear plastic bins instead of moving boxes, as it will make it easier being able to see inside the container. If you want to use cardboard boxes, make sure to consistently label them on the side of the box to make it easy to read the description.

If you follow these tips, your storage unit will be packed as efficiently as possible.