Moving? Hire A Cleaning Service First!

When you move, you have more than just your items to worry about. You have the potential disaster of a house you are leaving behind. Rather than try to clean up after years of dwelling on your own, allow professional services to do your move out cleaning for you. Learn what they can do for you to make your house look as if you've never lived there. Wall washing Read More 

Five Ways To Extend The Time Between Necessary Dry Cleaning Sessions

Dry cleaning is not particularly expensive, but the costs can add up over time. If you're looking to reduce your dry cleaning bill in the long run, it's useful to extend the time between dry cleaning sessions. Of course, you can't show up to work in a dirty suit jacket or sweaty silk scarf. Use these tips to keep your dry-clean-only items cleaner, so you can wait longer between sessions at places like Cove Cleaners. Read More 

How To Remove Gophers From Your Yard

Gophers can wreak havoc in your garden or lawn. They love to create huge holes in your landscape, often destroying any vegetation in the immediate vicinity of the holes. Unfortunately, it's not possible to use a fence (as you would with deer) to keep gophers out of your yard. If it is illegal in your location or unacceptable to you personally to shoot these gophers, you'll have to find a way to discourage them from even wanting to visit your yard to begin with. Read More 

Important Tips To Keep Your Gun Safe In Good Working Condition

Keeping your guns cleaned and maintained is only one aspect of firearm maintenance. You also need to take care of the gun safe where you store them. A lack of safe maintenance can compromise accessibility and lead to gun and ammunition damage. Tip #1: Dust It Down Dust and dirt can settle on your gun safe, working its way into locking mechanisms or compromising the quality of the finish. The simplest way to prevent this is to dust your safe once monthly so the dusty residue doesn't have a chance to build up. Read More 

The Remote Destination Traveler’s Guide To Avoiding Payment Problems With Storage Facilities

Placing personal belongings in secure storage is a wise move when traveling to very remote regions of world. You do not want to spend 90 days at sea on a freighter only to arrive at port and discover all your belongings were auctioned off due to non-receipt of payment. When engaging in unique travel adventures in which communications is limited, take precautionary steps to ensure all rental fees are paid.  Read More