How Do People Bring Bed Bugs Home?

Bed bugs can be quite a nuisance once they get into your home. They leave you covered in itchy bites, and they can be a total nightmare to get rid of. But bed bugs do not come out of nowhere. There are a few ways they are commonly brought into a home, and if you know what those ways are, you can take action to keep bed bugs away.

1. After Travel

If you travel, you may pick up bed bugs at a hotel or other accommodation, and then bring them home. You might think that staying in fancy hotels would protect you against bed bugs, but in fact, these bugs have been found even in the fanciest of places. Always check the bed for little bugs before agreeing to stay in a hotel room. Little red spots on the sheets are also a sign of bed bugs. When you get home, launder all of your clothing in hot water, and dry it on high, too. This will kill the bed bugs before they get a chance to infest your place.

2. On Furniture

Buying used furniture can save you a fortune. It can also cost you a fortune if that furniture happens to be infested with bed bugs. Do not pick up furniture from the side of the road; it's being tossed for a reason, and that reason might be bed bugs. If you buy used furniture from an individual, look it over carefully for bed bugs and red spots before buying. In the best-case scenario, however, you should not buy used furniture at all.

3. With Friends

If a friend has bed bugs at their home, and they come visit your home, they could bring bed bugs with them. The bugs don't really latch onto people and travel around, but they can get brought along in shoes and coats. To prevent friends from bringing bed bugs into your home, have them leave their shoes outside the door. Have them hang their coats at the door, too. If you have a friend who you know has bed bugs at home, it is really best for them not to visit until they get the bugs under control.

How that you have a better idea of how bed bugs enter homes, you should be better equipped to control them. To learn more, get in touch with a bed bug control company in your area.