Questions To Ask Before Renting An Apartment In A Luxury Apartment In A Competitive City

If you want to rent a luxury apartment in a house where such apartments are highly sought after, you shouldn't approach it like you would any other kind of property rental. At the same time, there are checks and balances you should put in place to ensure your success. Your search for such an apartment should include asking real estate agents the following questions:

How Many Things Are Included in the Rent?

Many luxury apartments offer their customers a plethora of amenities and "extras" that other developments don't offer. For example, there may be a gym in the building, spas, and rooftop infinity pools. Services they offer may include things like valet parking, doormen, concierge services, and maid services. However, not all of these amenities and services will be included in the rent; you will have to pay extra for some of them. Get clarification on which services are bundled in the rent and which ones attract extra pay.

Will You Get Storage Space?

Space is a real problem in most cities, but luxury apartment developers know their target clients and often include separate storage space for them. There may be additional space for storing bikes or even wine cellars for the renters. As you can imagine, however, it isn't practical to provide extra storage space for every renter in a high-rise apartment. A typical solution to this problem is to let the renters use the storage spaces on a first-come-first-serve basis. Unfortunately, this may mean an inconvenient wait time for you. Find out what the storage situation is before moving in.

Is Parking Guaranteed?

Just like storage space, parking space may also be a major issue in a space-constrained city. In fact, don't assume that you will get a parking space just because your potential apartment was advertised as having a garage. The normal situation is that the garage isn't big enough for all the building's occupants, and you might have to wait for a space to become vacant to apply for it.

What Are the Pet Rules?

Most luxury apartments have no problems with pets, but you should be prepared for a few terms and conditions related to your pet ownership. For example, there may be a restriction on the size, type, and the number of pets you can own. You may also be required to pay a pet deposit and use the service elevator when going up or down with your pet.