How To Decorate A Small Apartment Space

Just because your apartment is small doesn't mean you can't fill it with all of your things and furniture too. You can decorate your small space and make it feel like there's much more to it. See below for tips on how to decorate a small apartment space.

Keep Furniture To Scale

You may not be able to fill your apartment with huge pieces of furniture. You need to keep your furniture scaled to the size of the room. If your living room is somewhat small, try to have just one couch and maybe a chair or two ottomans that can be used as seats (which could be moved beneath a table to make room when not being used). You don't need a five piece living room set with a love-seat, couch and chair/ottomans. Less is definitely more, especially with limited space.

Use Furniture With Dual Purpose

Couches can double as places to sleep for your guests (if you have a sleeper sofa). Also, kitchen islands can be used for a table. Tables can be used for office space, or for serving buffets. Use shelving with cubes as a way to separate spaces, as well as storage space.

Paint Your Furniture

You may not be able to paint in your apartment, but add touches of color by painting your furniture instead. This will help bring out your personality in your pieces of furniture. Chalk paint is a great way to paint over laminate or wood furniture.

Hang Long Curtains

Hang your curtains longer than your windows and out further than the window casing to make the window and room appear larger. Keeping them open to allow more light in will also help make the room appear larger.

Use Mirrors

Mirrors in a room help give the illusion of larger space. Lean one against a wall opposite a doorway or window to add more light to a room. Use mirrors in bedrooms, living rooms or even behind the kitchen table - they can be used in multiple spaces.

Decorating a small space such as an apartment can be done tastefully and can also give the illusion of more space. Bring in more light to make any space appear larger and keep the furniture to scale. Ask your apartment manager, such as at Kirkwood Village Apartments, about painting the space or if you are allowed to hang pictures or curtains before doing so