Questions To Ask When Buying A Condo In A High Rise As A Young Family

Depending on your city or town, some of the best housing options may be inside of high-rise condominium buildings. Whether your large city hosts mainly condo buildings or if you want to live near the water inside of a high-rise condo with lots of amenities, if this is your first choice there are a lot of options. Many condominium homes are built to be surrounded by city amenities or to be nearby beautiful scenery such as the ocean. If you are a family with young kids and pets, there are some extra qualifications that you may need for your high-rise home. Here are some extra questions that you should ask before buying. 

How big are most homes in the building?

If a building has a few two and three bedrooms condos, but mostly one bedrooms condos, this may be a building that is more geared towards singles or couples than those who have children. If you have children who want to make friends nearby or if you want other families who may be understanding of children being noisy in the hall, it may be best to go with another building. Seek out a condominium community that offers many bedrooms for the majority of their homes for a better chance at being around families. 

Are there service or butler rooms?

If you have a nanny or a babysitter that may live with you sometimes during the week, it is a good idea to seek out a condominium with plans that offer service quarters for staff. Many condo buildings that do offer service quarter floor plans will place rooms for staff right off the kitchen or dining room and at a distance from the family quarters so that there is plenty of privacy for both parties. Even if you do not have a nanny or other full-time staff yet, this could be a good option in the event that your work requires more time and you need one in the future. 

Are any amenities closed to children at any time?

Some condominiums will have enormous amounts of amenities, including workout rooms, playrooms, business rooms, restaurants, pool cabanas, and more. Though the amenities may look good, be sure to ask if there are any age limits for who can use the amenities. Sometimes, condo buildings will require adults to accompany children who are under the age of 16-18 for some amenities. Others will bar children who are underage at certain times. Knowing if your family will be able to utilize certain amenities or if there will be restrictions to what you can use is important before you buy. 

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